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Natural Contours ENERGIE - Kegel Exerciser
To exercise your pelvic floor to achieve stronger orgasms
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Product Description

Energie - Kegel Muscle exercisor.
A uniquely designed kegel muscle exercisor, this ergonomically shaped barbell comfortably tones the vaginal-kegel muscles and keeps them fit and healthy.  Especially effective for post-childbith or menopause.  Non-vibrating, the Energie comes in mint green and measures 16.5 cms in length with one end measuring 30mm, the other 25mm and weighs 400gms.

Best with Pjur lubricants:


How to find your PC muscle:

It is very easy to locate the PC (pubococcygeus) muscle, also known as the pubococcygeus, or the PC muscle. One way is to abruptly stop and start the flow of urine. Another way is to insert a finger inside the vagina and squeeze your muscles. When you feel pressure around your finger, you are using the correct muscle.

Exercising with the ÉNERGIE™:

  • Lie down on your back with one or more pillows under your head and relax. Bend your knees with both feet flat.
  • Relax your muscles and insert the ÉNERGIE™ (you may want to lubricate it) placing it just inside the vaginal opening. Insert which ever end feels more comfortable to you. However, we recommend you start by inserting the larger heavier end, as this allows the smaller weighted end to hang out, providing less weight resistance for beginners. After working with the larger end inserted for a period of time, and muscle strength has been increased, insert the smaller end to give greater weight resistance for more advanced “Kegel work”.
  • Take a deep breath, and as you breathe out, pull the pelvic floor muscle surrounding the ÉNERGIE™ up, as if you’re trying to pull something in. Hold for thirty seconds and then release. Then pull up again. Do ten repetitions.
  • NOTE: Simply “squeezing” or “contracting” may not engage the correct muscles. Imagine pulling the ÉNERGIE™ up towards your belly button. This is how to engage the pelvic floor muscle.
  • Notice how the ÉNERGIE™ reacts as you exercise. You will feel how the barbell responds in your hand when you engage the muscles.
  • Continue with this process until you achieve full penetration. This allows you to exercise the different layers of the pelvic floor.
  • Be sure to relax your pelvic floor between reps. It is equally important to relax these muscles as it is to engage them.

Fast Results

Exercise using the ÉNERGIE™ as described above for approximately 5 to10 minutes a day for the first two weeks. (Don’t be surprised if your muscles get tired when first beginning these exercises.). Then for just five minutes every other day, to keep your pelvic floor muscle strong and healthy.

A list of the benefits the Natural Contours® ÉNERGIE offers:

  • Helps to reduce and/or prevent incontinence.
  • An ideal way to exercise before or after childbirth.
  • A simple way to gain control over your pelvic floor muscles.
  • Comfortable and safe to use.
  • Five to ten minutes are all you need to stay in shape!
  • Toned muscles help women maintain an active and healthy sex life.
  • Convenient storage box included (keep right next to your bed, the perfect reminder to exercise regularly!).

Cleaning Instructions: Simply wash your natural contours ÉNERGIE Kegel exerciser with hot water and mild soap.


Hear what the professionals have to say about the Natural Contours® ÉNERGIE™:

Sue Johanson 
"Talk Sex", Oxygen TV

"You know the old expression, if you don't use it, you lose it. Well that applies to women as well as men. Here's the newest and the best. It is called ÉNERGIE™ Kegal Exerciser.

It's a weighted barbell that you use to strengthen your PC muscles. You lie on your back, lubricate the ÉNERGIE™, and slowly insert it in the vagina, squeezing it with your PC muscles as it goes in. Then you practice your Kegels with it, strengthening your muscles over a couple of weeks. It is perfectly shaped for that purpose. If you are experiencing incontinence or not able to tighten your vaginal muscles during sex, you will be amazed by the results.

Hey the ÉNERGIE™ is just what you need to complete your exercise program and your sex life. On our HOT STUFF HIBACHI OF LOVE, it rates 4 briquettes."

Quote used by permission of Talk Sex Productions, Inc.


Virgina Reath RPA MPH. Women's Health Care Provider, Private Practice NYC:

"As a Clinician and Educator in Women's Sexual and Reproductive Health I find the ÉNERGIE™ to be a very effective way for women to strengthen their vaginal and pelvic floor muscles. This is of particular importance after childbirth, but also an essential part of all women's vaginal health in order to increase tone, prevent urinary incontinence and intensify sexual (orgasmic) response. I highly recommend the ÉNERGIE™."


Patti Britton, Ph.D. 
Sexologist and Sex Coach:

"I would recommend the ÉNERGIE™ to any woman. It's much more than a Kegel exerciser. In fact, it's a G spot stimulator and vaginal strengthener - ergonomically connective, feminine and perfectly angled for self-pleasure."


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